Christina Märtens
Cathedral Guide for Kids
The Cathedral of Magdeburg St. Catherine and Maurice

2. Auflage von 2017,
24 S.
ISBN-10: 3-96004-007-5
ISBN-13: 978-3-96004-007-1
€ 4,95
lieferbar seit: 11.10.2017


“Hello, we are happy that you decided to visit the Cathedral of Magdeburg. Our tour starts here in front of the cathedral, so you can see how high its towers are. Can you guess how high exactly? Impressive, right? They are about 100 meters high!” This is how the “Cathedral Guide for Kids” starts. Easy to understand, richly illustrated and entertainingly written it takes both kids and grown-ups on an exciting journey through the Cathedral of Magdeburg. Stations are among others the statues of the two patron saints and name givers of the cathedral, Maurice and Catherine, the nave and the main organ, the bell towers, the sarcophagus of Emperor Otto the Great and the tomb of his first wife Edith of England. Excellent for a family getaway at the weekend or a school excursion.




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